Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Teach like a PIRATE - Chapter 3 Rapport

It is time for my 3rd installment ( ramblings ) of this book.....

 Why do I feel like every chapter I read is better than the last? I guess I should just say that the book keeps getting better and better!!!! Dave begins talking about how an engaged student is rarely a behavior problem, it is just finding out how to engage each student that is the problem. A teacher must find out what engages their students in order to plan an engaging lesson. This all starts with learning as much as you can about the students, from day 1, until day 180. Developing successful hooks is important as well. Finding out about your students is developing rapport with them. One way to develop rapport is to spend informal time with your students. I absolutely love this tip. I feel that the more that you talk with them and find out what makes them "tic", the more comfortable they will be with you, and if they are comfortable in class, they are more willing to take risks and allow themselves to fully immerse in the learning process. Trust is earned, and is key to rapport. Many children can't even trust their own parents, and you may be the first person they learn to trust.
I found it so shocking ( yet true ) when Dave mentions, " They ( the students ) don't believe that school respects and honors their individuality but instead uses it against them as a tool to force conformity." I don't see this as much being a primary teacher, however I totally see how this could be true with junior and high school. We need to work on praising each child for who they are, and it all starts with your relationship with them.
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