Saturday, June 8, 2013

Stetson's 3rd Birthday

I really really really don't like to throw parties. I hardly like going to parties anymore, and throwing them makes me sick, LITERALLY to my stomach. However I had quite a few friends and my hubby talk me into throwing a party for Stetson, due to the fact that he wouldn't care how many decorations I had, he just would have fun. That, my friends, sunk in. It isn't the amount of decorations or money I spend, it is the atmosphere of friends and family that he would love. It really helped that I found a bunch of fun pirate stuff from someone elses pirate party on sale ( and a bunch of items were handmade!) So armed with Stetson's favorite decorations in hand, I decided it was going to happen. 

This picture, is the day before his birthday. We decided to give him our present a day early so he could have fun with it. And BOY did he! He loves it!

That night ( still the night before his birthday ) my in-laws took Lucy, Stetson and I to the Pirate Dinner Adventure in Buena Park. SO MUCH FUN! I already blogged this picture before but I had to add it in since it was a celebration of his bday.

 Both kids got their faces painted.

The food wasn't half bad! We had great seats!

A few scenes from the show.

 I was shocked that there was all sorts of talent there.

Then finally, Stetson's BIRTHDAY! ( don't worry he only kept the earring on for the picture, his choice )

 We rented our clubhouse in our community so that we could have more room than our place, and we could go swimming as well.

 I got HUGE, WONDERFUL cupcakes from Cinnamon Productions. They were totally well priced. Only problem is the pastel sprinkles. Oh well!!! No one seemed to notice!

 I am pretty proud of myself for spray painting these ceramic flower pots to be our utensil holders. :)

Yummy white chocolate popcorn....

and my favorite caramel corn, thanks to Maw and Paw's Popcorn.

 Stetson's new thing is water guns! My brother and him were fighting most of the party.

Some of the fam....
Sweetheart Celee 
Troy and Christine's daughter Brooke-Lynn
He loved the popcorn so much he ate it while swimming.
His favorite present of the day!!!!!!

One of the best parts of the day for me was how interested he was in reading every card. 

Stetson loves his Uncles!!! Uncle Mike ( my brother )

and Uncle Bryce ( Troy's brother ) Here they are pretending to be Captain Hook!


  1. Happy Birthday Stetson! What a fun day!! I love all the Pirate decorations and family photos! Great job mama! :)

  2. How adorable!!!! Parties ARE hard work but this looked well worth it!!! Your family is so cute!! :)

  3. How adorable!!!! Parties ARE hard work but this looked well worth it!!! Your family is so cute!! :)


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