Friday, May 31, 2013

My first time being a guinea pig!

So about a year ago I learned about Emmy, from Much Ado About You  and her awesome planners!!! The problem was, the week before I had just bought a planner from Erin Condren, so I could not buy another planner. I was devastated, because I love supporting hand made businesses, and that is what Much Ado About You is! Then, not too long after, Emmy decided to stop making her planners because it was taking a lot of time away from her family. ( can you blame her? the woman has her priorities straight! ) You see she was doing a lot of work and not making much profit at all. So, she decided to see if she could outsource and have the planners printed at a decent price and leave the tabs for us to put on ourselves. Ummmm hello? I would do anything for her to be able to have her business open back up!! So SHE DID! And she asked for some guinea pigs to purchase the planners ahead of time, and I WAS ONE OF THE 25 SHE CHOSE! Without further ado........

The packaging got a lot of pictures!!! It was adorable!

 Clothespins, a giant paperclip to hold my spot , Cute sticker coupons ( totally a great idea for coupons )

This tag makes it worth it!! Handmade is awesome! I have so many friends that help support their families making handmade items, I am so proud of them!

A look at the inside....umm, did anyone else know that August 2nd is National Ice Cream Day??? Emmy does and she made sure we do now know too!

Month at a glance

Week at a glance

 This little do dad in the back is awesome! It is like a little bucket list!

My favorite items
-the pocket in the back
-the laminated cover
-THE SIZE! 6 x 9 makes it super easy to fit in your purse
-4 INCH paperclip bookmark! Its to die for!

Emmy's planners go on sale TOMORROW ( June 1st ) and for the first 10 days of the month you can order for the two months in advance. For example, if you order June 1-10, your planner will ship in the beginning of July and it will be a planner that starts in August. And so on and so on for consecutive months. 

AND, something that was just announced, Emmy is pairing with The Pleated Poppy to make custom covers!! So head over ( tomorrow ) to Much Ado About You and order your planner!


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Monday, May 27, 2013

Hello, Monday !

This past holiday/birthday weekend was SO fun!!! I am now glad that I had Stetson on Memorial Day weekend because I am realizing we will always get a three day weekend around his birthday and it will probably always contain a bbq! That's super fun! 

So today, even though it is almost Tuesday, I am saying HELLO to Monday! 

Hello to it being the last week of school for my kindergarten class. We are moving to our newly modernized school, so everything has to be packed by Thursday our last day. Hence the poor empty room in the background. 

Here is an example of how we present our writing in my class! They all want to stand on their chair.

 A sample of what they were reading to each other. I love that this boy came into kinder not even speaking English! 

 Hello to my little brother graduating from Cal State Long Beach. So proud of him!!

 Hello to our talent show! I was floored by the talent! This is a first grader who ROCKED at the drums! And how cute is it that they are his size????

 Hello to sending every project in my room home! We made these, yes, the first day! Inside are all their pictures of me, their room, their friends, the school and so on. They got a kick out of how funny their writing and drawing looked! This project is from one of my favorite websites and sellers Miss Kindergarten at Teachers Pay Teachers. If you want to check it out click here.

 Hello to my little boy turning 3 yesterday!! Birthday post is coming tomorrow!

 Hello to going to the most awesome place, Pirates Dinner Adventure with my in laws to celebrate Stetson's birthday.

Have a GREAT week!!!!!!

Nyx Cosmetics

I am over on my friend Natalee's blog Eat Nap Play today doing a guest post! Go check it out!!! I will be back later tonight for my Hello Monday post :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Hello, Monday!

Well I have procrastinated enough with this new blog of mine! I have been thinking of things I could write for my "first post" and nothing ever seemed good enough! So here goes! I am linking up with the WONDERFUL Lisa Leonard for her "Hello, Monday" linky. I figured what a better way to start a new blog than to link up with some friends that have been posting with her linky for awhile now! 

This week I am saying "Hello" to my two little lovies sharing a lemonade on a beautiful afternoon. ( the fighting was right after the picture )

I am saying hello to the NEW principal of our elementary school! ( in the middle ) She is JUST what our school needed, and came in at JUST the right time. I cannot wait to move into our new school next year with her and get the school year started off right!

Hello to #dailybedhead posts! My friend Nay and I supported our blogger friend Elise and her bedhead pics on instagram! Yes, this is the actual instagram post. Why, you ask? The color one showed way too many imperfections, and instagram allows you to filter the picture and cut off unwanted areas! 

Hello to teaching my kinders about solid figures. Here is a sampling of what one child brought in to share with the class how we can find these shapes at home. 

 Hello to our annual Ice Cream Social! Hello to making some spending money! Or credit card money, or WE NEED GROCERIES's all the same right??!?!

Hello to waking up and seeing my daughter kicking back watching youtube videos about arts and crafts.  

Hello to getting more organized for 2013-2014!!!! I HOPE!!!!! I am a guinea pig for Emmy at Much Ado About You, and I was able to get a planner for next year already. Here is the packaging and a peak inside. I will be doing an entire post about it soon!!! ( you can get yours on June 1st!)

Hello to inflatable as big as my kids bowling fun at grandma's house! 

 HELLO to getting to work on Monday morning and finding this beautiful piece of literature in your box. 

It's going to be a great week!