Monday, May 20, 2013

Hello, Monday!

Well I have procrastinated enough with this new blog of mine! I have been thinking of things I could write for my "first post" and nothing ever seemed good enough! So here goes! I am linking up with the WONDERFUL Lisa Leonard for her "Hello, Monday" linky. I figured what a better way to start a new blog than to link up with some friends that have been posting with her linky for awhile now! 

This week I am saying "Hello" to my two little lovies sharing a lemonade on a beautiful afternoon. ( the fighting was right after the picture )

I am saying hello to the NEW principal of our elementary school! ( in the middle ) She is JUST what our school needed, and came in at JUST the right time. I cannot wait to move into our new school next year with her and get the school year started off right!

Hello to #dailybedhead posts! My friend Nay and I supported our blogger friend Elise and her bedhead pics on instagram! Yes, this is the actual instagram post. Why, you ask? The color one showed way too many imperfections, and instagram allows you to filter the picture and cut off unwanted areas! 

Hello to teaching my kinders about solid figures. Here is a sampling of what one child brought in to share with the class how we can find these shapes at home. 

 Hello to our annual Ice Cream Social! Hello to making some spending money! Or credit card money, or WE NEED GROCERIES's all the same right??!?!

Hello to waking up and seeing my daughter kicking back watching youtube videos about arts and crafts.  

Hello to getting more organized for 2013-2014!!!! I HOPE!!!!! I am a guinea pig for Emmy at Much Ado About You, and I was able to get a planner for next year already. Here is the packaging and a peak inside. I will be doing an entire post about it soon!!! ( you can get yours on June 1st!)

Hello to inflatable as big as my kids bowling fun at grandma's house! 

 HELLO to getting to work on Monday morning and finding this beautiful piece of literature in your box. 

It's going to be a great week!


  1. And 'Hello' to you my friend and 'Hello' to your new blog too. I'm so glad you are up and running. What a great way to start things off.

  2. What a beautiful blog Sarah! It is so darling! Looking forward to reading more! Happy Monday!

  3. Hello to your awesome new blog!

    XOXO, Nichole

  4. yay!! welcome to the blogging community:)

  5. Hi friend:) So happy you started blogging! I'd love to have you over to guest post! Do you have a blog button?

  6. What an adorable blog! I loved talking to you at Elevate (even though it was brief) so I am really excited for you! I LOVE the picture of your daughter watching arts & crafts videos on YouTube! That's adorable!


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