Monday, June 24, 2013

Teach like a PIRATE Chapter 2- Immersion

Wow did this chapter hit me like a brick! Immersion---completely surrendering yourself to your content and classroom.It is so easy to get carried away with to do lists, upcoming open house, data that is due to your principal ASAP, your child who is sick and the list could go on and on. As a teacher I need to be there mentally and physically with my students. The times when I feel most successful with my students is when I am immersed in small groups with them. I feel like all of the children are working on skills and having fun, and the group that I am working with I am totally involved in their learning and nothing else matters. ( well all the rest of the children do !!! but it feels good to see a groups progress and hear their conversations with each other ). I really feel that since I have moved to kinder I can immerse myself more and feel like I am making progress with my students. You have to immerse yourself like Dave says, as a swimmer in the water, in order to fully be "present" with your class and see them grow. If you aren't immersed, the kids, no matter what age, will be able to detect it. Click here to go visit other blogs in this book study!!!

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  1. I agree- all the tasks of our job take so much away from us being fully immersed sometimes. I have to make the conscious decision to put the other stuff to the side, regardless of due dates. Because in the end, I am there to teach the kids, not fill out a data report! Thanks for linking up again!
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