Friday, July 5, 2013

Teach Like a PIRATE- Chapter 4- Ask and Analyze

This summer thing with no schedule has really been bad for blogging! 

This chapter really changed my mind about the word creativity and the idea of being a creative person. In this chapter I have learned that when you tell someone that they are creative, and use that as an excuse to why you "aren't" it doesn't cut it. Dave says that, " Creative ideas don't come out of the blue,=; they come from engaging in the creative process. If you consistently ask questions that lead to creative and outside-the-box thinking, your mind will provide you with creative and outside-the-box answers. "
Dave also states that, "Creativity is rarely about natural brilliance or innate genius. Much more often creativity results from properly directed attention, laser-like focus, relentless effort, and hard work. "

I have always been the type to tell others how creative they are and how I wish ideas could just come to me. I never thought about all the hard work that those people I have said this to put into what they do. I really think I have taken it for granted. This goes for my crafter friends, as well as teacher friends and bloggers. I think that I need to put more work into the areas that I admire about my friends, because I am just plain lazy! Either that, or stop using Pinterest!!!

As for my classroom, I need to remember that all of my students are creative, and that I need to nurture that side of them, and bring it out in different ways.

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  1. HAHA! Stop using Pinterest would probably be an excellent idea for me too!!! WAY too much time is spent on there! ;) Love that you posted a blog today, too! Look at us go, lady!!!!
    xoxox Holly

  2. Totally agree with trying to nurture that creativity from out students! They really need to be able to let that out!! :)

    Jen's Kinder Kids


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