Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ridin' in luxury!

Troy has been driving limos to get us extra money this summer. A one income family is super hard, especially in summer when we are ALL off!!! It has been really nice for us to have some extra income, and, well, there are some perks to driving limos! Last weekend he was able to come pick the kids and our cousins up! Stetson and Lucy knew there was a surprise, but didn't know what the surprise was. Here they are waiting.....

 Lucy screamed!!! They were so excited!!!
 Troy even stocked it before hand with Capri Suns, Diet Cokes, and candy bars!

 Sorry for the blurry picture, but the kids were having a BLAST!!!! This is while Troy was driving. 

We then went to Steve and Lynda's ( my in laws ) and picked them up and our cousins who were in town from Utah. 

 Everyone decided they wanted Pick Up Stix! 

Right down the way was an amazing candy shoppe !

 I loved that they were playing Willy Wonka inside :)

 The kids were spoiled! I am sure that they will remember this for a long time! Thanks Troy!


  1. You have such a lovely family! seems like you guys had a lot of fun together :)
    Vintage Inspired Girls

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